Policy Code: BG

Adoption Date: Tuesday, February 22nd, 2000

Review Date: Tuesday, January 27th, 2015


  1. All reports and communications to be submitted to the Board for action by patrons, principals, teachers, or other employees shall be presented to the Superintendent who shall then transmit them to the Board or invite the person to give the report or communication to the entire Board.
  2. Whenever a report or communication pertains to a given school or department, it must first be received by the principal or director concerned unless it is a report requested by the Board.
  3. All school problems submitted by a teacher or other employee shall be presented to the entire board according to the grievance procedures as enumerated in policy GBM.
  4. Every principal, teacher or other school employee has the privilege of appearing before the Board. The right to appeal to the Board shall not be denied any employee or parent, but no complaint or grievance will be considered by the Board before it has received consideration by the Superintendent and the persons involved. The Board of Education shall permit the complainant to address the Board in public or closed session, as appropriate or lawful.
  5. Communications from the Board to teachers, principals, classified employees, etc. should be given to the Superintendent who will direct them to the appropriate employees.
  6. If complaints are communicated to board members by patrons, parents, etc., board members should carefully listen to the complaints or communications. After listening carefully, the appropriate response is to suggest that the person making the complaint directly contact the employee who is involved in the complaint. If the parent does not feel comfortable in talking to the teacher or other person who is involved in the complaint, board members should suggest that the parent contact the immediate supervisor of the school employee. The Board should be a hearing body of last resort. Problems should be solved on the level where they originate, if at all possible.