Policy Code: BF

Adoption Date: Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

Review Date: Tuesday, December 16th, 2014


Adoption of new policies or changing existing policies is solely the responsibility of the Board of Education.

Proposals for new policies or revisions of current policies may be initiated in writing by anyone interested in or connected with the district and presented to any member of the Board for referral to the policy committee chairman. The policy committee will review the proposal and either approve it for drafting or reject it and inform the Board of the proposal and its reason(s) for rejection at the next Board meeting.

Except for policy actions to be taken on emergency measures, the adoption of policies by the Board will follow the sequence below. The sequence may not be concluded in less than two public meetings of the Board as indicated.

  1. Reading of proposed new or revised policy or policies as an item of information after a copy of the draft is distributed to Board members. (First meeting of the Board)

  2. Receiving of concerned group or individual responses by policy chairman for presentation to the policy committee prior to the next public Board meeting.

  3. Discussion and final action by the Board after having received a copy of the final draft from the policy committee. (Second or subsequent meeting of the Board)

Changes to the proposal after the first reading will not require repetition of the sequence unless the Board so directs.

The formal adoption of policies will be recorded in the minutes of the Board meeting. Only those written statements so adopted and so recorded will be regarded as official policy of the Board. Policies will be effective immediately upon adoption unless a specific date for the policy to become effective is provided in the motion to adopt.

It will be the responsibility of all employees of the Iron School District to read and be familiar with the Policy Handbook. At the beginning of each school year, principals will have the employees of their school sign that they have read the Policy Handbook and then turn that list in to the Superintendent.