Policy Code: AE

Adoption Date: Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

Strategic Plan


The Iron County School District Board, district administration, and district leadership team are committed to the education and well being of each student and educator. As member of a professional learning community, we have identified the following school improvement framework that is supported by our collective mission, vision, shared values, and goals that will guide the policies procedures, processes, priorities, and day-to-day decisions of the district. We will acknowledge and address behaviors that are inconsistent with the district’s mission vision, values, and goals.

Mission: (Why we do what we do)

Reaching Higher: Creating a Better Tomorrow For All

Vision: (What we will do)

Empowering ALL to learn at high-levels through systematic district and school-wide support.

The ICSD School Improvement Framework: A Dynamic Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS)

A presentation regarding school improvement efforts is available on the district’s website at irondistrict.org.

Values or Shared Commitments: (How we will accomplish our goals and make our mission and vision a reality)

  1. We will actively promote and support the District’s mission, vision, values and goals.

  2. We will contribute to the success and productivity of high-functioning professional learning communities at every level of the district system.

  3. We will hold high standards and expectations for student and educator success through self-reflection and collective inquiry regarding best practices.

  4. We will focus our efforts on student and educator learning to promote and realize increased student achievement as identified in the six foundational components of the above school improvement framework.

  5. We will commit to a high level of mutual support and trust among all members of the learning community at all levels of the district system.

  6. We will manage the district’s resources in a manner that addresses the needs of the community, establishes community partnerships, and builds community support.

  7. We will recognize and celebrate the individual and collective efforts and achievements of the Iron County School District community.