Students must earn all credits required for graduation during the 9th – 12th grade.

Additional Graduation Requirements

The additional credit requirements in the areas of Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Science and Computer Technology will be selected from a course list approved by the Iron County School District.

Extracurricular Credit

Students may petition for up to .5 elective credit for successfully completing extracurricular seasons at .25 credits per season. All completed extracurricular activities, recognized as such, will be recorded on student’s transcripts as no credit.

Diplomas and Graduation

Students earning a Regular or Merit diploma will complete the requirements listed above under “# Credits Required District.”

Students earning a Regular, Utah Scholar, or Merit Diploma will be allowed to participate in their High school graduation ceremonies.

Students earning an ICSD Diploma will complete the requirements listed above under “# Credits Required State.” Their graduation will be under the direction of the Southwest Educational Academy. As they have not met the requirements for graduation from their regular high school, they will not participate in their regular high school graduation ceremonies. Beginning with the class of 2019, .5 additional Social Science credit will be required.


All students must maintain a full class schedule including concurrent enrollment and all other off campus, district sponsored educational opportunities. Students may elect to have one class period within their schedule be released time for religious or individual learning activities. Students opting for released time must have written parent permission.

Alternative Credit

All credit recognized by the Iron County School District must have been awarded by an institution accredited by AdvancED.

Remediation credit will be awarded by a teacher licensed in the area in which the credit is awarded. Remediation credit earned in a specific school will be under the direction of the department specific to the credit being awarded. Make-up credit will be awarded by the Southwest Education Academy upon completion of the remediation credit.

Graduation Ceremony Participation Privilege: (2009-2010)

The administration of boundary high schools reserve the right to deny participation in the graduation ceremony to seniors with less that 90% attendance or to those who have violated the law or safe school policies.