How do I enroll my student?

The registration process is outlined on the Registration page.

How do I find information about special programs?

Information about Special Programs is found on the Special Programs page.

How do I pay for school meals?

Iron County School District uses MySchoolBucks. Parents and guardians can use this website to pay for school meals.

How do I apply for free breakfast/lunch?

Apply for free and reduced meals by accessing MySchoolApps.

How do I find bus stops?

Find bus stops by typing in your address into Infofinder I.

How do I access information about COVID?

Information can be accessed on the reopening documents page.

How do I order student transcripts?

Student transcripts can be ordered on Iron County School District’s ScribOrder website.

How do I resolve problems with a teacher?

Start by talking to the principal of the school the teacher works at. Alternatively you may contact the Administrator over your school.

How do I donate to the district, school, or classroom?

You can donate to the Iron County School District general fund by visiting the Ways to Donate page. If you would like to donate to a school for a specific purpose visit the website for that school and locate their instantpay donation button or page.

How do I apply for a job?

To apply for jobs within the district please visit the Human Resources page.

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