Literacy, as defined by the Utah State Office of Education, is “…to enable all students to become proficient in the area of literacy for the purposes of reaching their individual potential and becoming successful citizens in today’s world.” In Iron County School District, we support this statement. Beginning in the primary grades, critical reading skills are addressed through research-based instructions and practices, a systematic and explicit sequence of instruction, and the use of a variety of genre. Our aim is to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the powerful impact of the written word.

Elementary English Language Arts (ELA)

The ICSD MTSS model is incorporated in our ELA instruction throughout the district. Every student receives Tier I literacy instruction from the district’s evidence-based core program, CKLA (Core Knowledge Language Arts).

Students who need extra support to reach grade-level reading skills participate in our Tier II reading intervention ICSD uses the Early Steps, Next Steps, and Higher Steps reading interventions developed by the University of Utah Reading Clinic. Instruction in these research-based interventions is provided by trained teacher and paraprofessionals as additional reading help outside of the Tier I instruction time.

Students who need the most intensive support in reading take part in one of our Tier III reading interventions. These interventions include the Wilson Reading System, SPIRE, and Sounds Sensible. Interventions may be provided by trained paraprofessionals, literacy coaches, or special education teachers.

For questions about any of these programs or to view a sample, please contact Ashley Peterson at 586-2804

Early Literacy Program

Iron Country School District participates in USBE’s Early Literacy Program. As part of this program, students are given a reading screener at the beginning, middle, and end of the year to help identify which students may be at risk of reading failure. USBE selected Acadience Reading (Formerly DIBELS) as the statewide assessment for assessing reading competency. The assessment provides educators, students, and families with information about a student’s reading proficiency. Parents or guardians are notified of their student’s performance after each administration period. This may occur through phone calls, parent conferences, or letters home.

ICSD must demonstrate growth based upon student learning gains as measured by the benchmark assessment. We create and submit an Early Literacy Plan to USBE to address our K-3 reading competency and goals annually. The plan is viewable here.