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Utah Dual Language Immersion

In our district, Chinese and Spanish programs begin in 1st grade, with a few starting in kindergarten. Our district uses a 50/50 model and uses two teachers. One teacher instructs exclusively in the target language (Spanish or Chinese) for half of the day and a second who teaches in English the other half of the day. Below is a description and here is a visual model of the Dual Language Immersion Instructional Time Model.

Grades 1-3
Grades 4-5

From kindergarten through third grade, the target language curriculum includes literacy study and the majority of the content subjects (math, science, and social studies). The English curriculum focuses on English language arts and some collaborative reinforcement of the content. Teamwork is essential! The curriculum shifts in the fourth and fifth grades, as most conceptual instruction in math and social science is taught in English. Practical application of these subjects remains in the target language. In the sixth grade, social science shifts back to the target language and science shifts to English instruction. These curriculum changes in the upper grades purposefully allow for more instruction time in the target language, focusing on literacy study and increasing student proficiencies. Specific proficiency goals for every Dual Language Immersion language are set at each grade level in all areas: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Our programs offer one course in grades seven through nine. Participating students are expected to enroll in Advanced Placement language coursework and complete the AP exam in either the ninth or tenth grade. In grades ten or eleven through twelve, students will be offered upper division university-level coursework through blending learning with six major Utah universities.

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