Re: COVID-19
March 11, 2020
Iron County School district is in direct communication with the health department and ready to act accordingly to any concerns that come up. We will communicate and coordinate our response to COVID-19 based upon the input of the health department. Our plans, if they are deemed necessary, include:
  • ● Taking proactive steps to keep our students safe and healthy
  • ● Strict cleaning and disinfecting protocols in place
  • ● Direct communication from the health department to parents
  • ● Bringing teachers up to speed on online curriculum to better assist students that may be quarantined
  • ● Taking care of student academic needs remotely 
  • ● Possible cancelations of individual schools and schools district-wide if necessary
We assure you that student safety is our priority and we will be vigilant in our efforts to ensure student academic and physical well-being throughout this process. We appreciate your concern and diligence for your student and every child in our community. You will continue to see communication from us and the health department in the coming days and weeks, as information is shared with us. Flyers and informational letters from the health department and the CDC are available on our website and social media sites as well as the links included at this site.

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March 11 Update on Student Travel We are monitoring County Health and CDC travel recommendations daily and our official recommendation matches theirs. Those recommendations can change at any time. Currently there is no recommendation to restrict domestic travel. Each family needs to review the recommendations and make the personal choice they are most comfortable with whether to travel or not.

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Guides and Information:
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