Go to Irondistrict.instructure.com. Open a browser, Chrome is best, and go to Irondistrict.instructure.com to start. Do not simply search Google for Canvas as that will take you to someone else's Canvas site. Ours is specific to our county.
Click Parent of a Canvas User. A pop up window will open.
Enter your information. Fill in your name and email address where you will receive notification if you desire.
Enter your students username and password. Enter your student's username, which is their student number, and password and then click that you understand the terms, finally at the bottom click start participating.
Go to your email to set a password. Go to your email and you will see an email to verify your address and set a password for your future access. Do that before you forget!
St notification Preferences. Don't want an email every time little Bobby or Suzi make a comment? At the top of the screen you are prompted to change notification settings.
Have more than one kid to observe? If you have more than one student you would like to observe work for simply go to Account on the left hand side bar, then choose, Settings, then choose Observe and add a student there.
Want to try it out now? If you want to learn more about how to utilize Canvas as a parent please go to this link which enrolls you in our Parent Orientation to Canvas Course, which you can peruse. https://irondistrict.instructure.com/enroll/H8Y6TC
Parent Orientation

Enroll in our Canvas Orientation Course for Parents

Canvas Parent Mobile App for iPhone

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Canvas Parent Mobile App for Android

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Canvas Mobile App Guide

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