Exposure Letter

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Exposure Letter

Dear Parent/Guardian,

This letter is to notify you that your child may have been exposed to COVID-19 at a school activity or in their classroom. We encourage you to visit https://coronavirus.utah.gov/education to view the current recommendations by the Utah Department of Health (UDOH) regarding those exposed to COVID-19.  These recommendations are for your consideration as you decide what you will do with your child as a result of this exposure.  If you choose to have your student self-quarantine, please contact your student’s school and they will be provided other learning options.

This notice DOES NOT mean that your child is required to quarantine at this time. However, regardless of what you decide to do, we encourage the following as a minimum:  

If your child is sick, we ask that you keep your child home and consider a COVID-19 test.  Those students with a positive COVID-19 test must stay home for 10 days following the positive test and until their symptoms have resolved for 24 hours. 

If your child is not sick, you should monitor them for the symptoms of COVID-19 listed below. If your child develops symptoms, you should keep them home and consider a COVID-19 test.

· Fever 100.4 or greater

· Chills

· Cough

· Shortness of Breath or trouble breathing

· Sore throat

· Muscle aches and pain

· New loss of taste or smell

· Congestion or runny nose

· Fatigue

· Nausea or Vomiting

· Diarrhea

.  All schools in Beaver County School District, Garfield County School District, Iron County School District, Kane County School District, and Washington County School District have consulted with the Southwest Utah Public Health Department in this notification.  

If you have questions or concerns regarding this exposure, please contact the Southwest Utah Public Health Department at (435) 986-2573   for more information.  

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