Lauri Baumgartner named 2020 School Nurse of the Year

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Lauri Baumgartner, head nurse for ICSD, has been named the 2020 School Nurse of the Year by the Utah School Nurse Association.

The best way to describe Lauri is through the words of her co-workers and fellow school nurses

  • “Lauri is my number 1 resource. She knows all of the rules/guidelines and if not off the top of her head, she knows right where to find all of the answers. She is kind and loving. She follows the rules. I am far from my family and she has filled that void at so many different times. She is levelheaded and looks at all sides of a situation. She is a great mentor. She cares so much for her family, friends, and staff and students of Iron County School District.”  
  • “I am so grateful to work with Lauri and learn from her example.  She is not only a wonderful school nurse employee, leader, and mentor; she is my friend.”
  • “She is a superb educator.  Through her mentoring of other school nurses, she teaches us the ropes of school nursing and helps us stay afloat when we feel like we are drowning.  She is very passionate when educating the students/parents and explains things on a level that they can understand and relate to.” 
  • “She knows the kids in her school by name and she reaches out to each one of them.  While we were doing our yearly vision screens she would kneel down to their level and listen to them, she would call them by name and ask them how their day was.  She is very vigilant in caring for her students.”
  • “Though we are in Southern Utah and getting to the capitol is not always possible, Lauri stays involved in legislation that affects school nursing.  With her expertise, out team has been able to implement many improvements in our school district through talking with State Representatives, School Board Members, and School Administration and voicing our needs and concerns.

Lauri is a graduate of Cedar High School, Weber State University (RN), and Southern Utah University (BSN). During her nursing career, she has worked in med surgery, labor and delivery, endoscopy, and neonatal.

She is married to Brent Baumgartner. They are the parents of 5 children and have 13 grandchildren.

Congratulations, and thank you, Lauri, for your service through the years and especially for taking care of the health needs of our ICSD community during this very challenging year.

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