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Friday Update from Superintendent Dulaney, January 29, 2021

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Good morning friends!

I hope your week has gone well and that you have weekend plans you are looking forward to. I certainly don’t want this comment to become redundant or to be seemingly insincere, but I truly am grateful for your continued hard work and willingness to love and serve our students and each other within our schools, district and the Iron County community at-large. A special thanks this week to our school administrators who are serving courageously, spending long hours, and working diligently to meet the needs of ALL within their school communities. Thank you! The following shows our current ICSD data regarding COVID-19. Thanks again to our school nurses and health aides who continue to track this information.

Total Positive cases since August 25th – 502
Total student positive cases – 362
Total employee positive cases – 141
Total current active cases – 48
Total recovered cases – 451
Positive student cases related to school attendance – 25
Positive employee cases related to school attendance – 10
Total number of employees and students currently quarantined – 172
Total number of students quarantined since August 25th – 2,322
Total number of employees quarantined since August 25th – 176

As I’ve considered the thoughtful messages of care and support that have come my way over the last few months, I can’t help but hope that all of you are also feeling loved, supported, and cared about as you continue to do really hard things. It is my belief that as we take the time to show thoughtful patience and kindness toward each other and those we serve, that we will experience the same in return. Below, is a short video clip that, as the news reporter acknowledges, depicts true “class, grace and empathy”. He notes that we all are “thirsty for [these] examples”.  I wholeheartedly agree, and commit to better follow the example set by this high school baseball player.

With much love and appreciation,


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