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Friday Update From Superintendent Dulaney, January 15, 2021

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Happy Friday before a long weekend, my friends!

I hope this message finds all of you well. I know that many of you have received or will be receiving your COVID vaccine next week (approximately 400) and I am grateful for Dr. Blodgett and our local health department for their hard work in scheduling and making this happen for ICSD employees. The timeline for vaccine production has been quite the feat, and I know many are grateful to have the opportunity to receive it in such a timely manner.

The following are our current ICSD stats regarding the virus. Again, I am thankful for school nurses, their aids, and our school administrators who continue to work tirelessly in tracking this data and working to keep us healthy. Contact tracing continues to be time consuming. Many hours are spent well into the late evenings with this task, and I am grateful for these wonderful friends. Thank you!

Total positive cases since school started, August 25th – 403
Total student positive cases since August 25th – 294
Total employee positive cases since August 25th – 109
Number of current active cases – 55
Number of recovered cases – 348
Number of positive student cases related to school attendance – 19
Number of positive employee cases related to school attendance – 10
Number of students and faculty currently quarantined – 212
Number of students quarantined since August 25th – 2025
Number of employees quarantined since August 25th – 160

The word “joy” has been forefront in my mind this year. I think mostly because it has been critical to find joy amidst the challenges of our current situation. For me, and I know many of you, joy is found in the work we do every day, but probably more specifically in the faces of the youth we serve. Taking time to connect with these great kids, having them in our buildings and in our classrooms and in our lunchrooms, and on our playgrounds and playing fields and in our gymnasiums, front offices, media centers, wellness rooms,… I could go on … has brought joy. Listening to the virtual concerts and arts performances have brought joy, and I’m looking forward to the drama productions that will take place over the next couple of weeks. These are joyful events!

Below is a link to a performance of Joe Raposo’s song “Sing”. Those of us who are old enough, remember Elmo from Sesame Street first singing the show’s signature song in the early ‘70s. More recently, Kurt Bestor has arranged the song for the American Festival Chorus and Orchestra and connected it to, what I consider, a joyful and hopeful video. I hope you enjoy it and that it brings a smile leading into our weekend. Please take care, stay healthy and safe, and know that the work you are doing is important and much appreciated!

Most sincerely,


Sing! – YouTube

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