High School FBLA Clubs do Well in Southern Region Competition

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Congratulations to all of our district FBLA students for their preparation and success. Good luck at state!

Cedar High School

Max Workman:  (1st) Accounting I, (1st) Bus. Calculation, (1st) Political Science
Maddie Sheffer:  (5th) Networking Infrastructure
Jauzlin Templin: (4th) Personal Finance
Denny Gunderson: (2nd) Supply Chain Management
Kambria Callister:  (5th) Website Design

Parowan High School

Scott Merrell: (2nd) Graphic Design, (5th) Advertising
Libby Perry: (1st) Spreadsheet Applications, (2nd) Graphic Design, (5th) Business Calculations,
Nisha Fletcher: (4th) Business Calculations, (5th) Personal Finance
Christy Younger: (2nd) Word Processing, (2nd) Public Speaking
Brennon Madsen: (2nd) Intro to Parliamentary Procedure

Canyon View High School

Individual events: 
Makayla Anderson: (2nd) Agribusiness, (3rd) Health Care Administration
Remington Anderson: (1st) Computer Problem Solving, (1st) Securities & Investments (2nd) Cyber Security 
Hanna Thacker: (1st) Economics, (1st) Public Speaking, (2nd) Political Science 
Brian Alger: (2nd) Intro to Information Technology

Group events:
(1st) Hospitality & Event Management: Makayla Anderson, Hanna Thacker
(1st) International Business: Kyle Nichols, Aiden Barnett
(1st) Website Design: Makayla Anderson, Remington Anderson, Aiden Barnett

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