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Utah High School Extracurricular Activities COVID-19 Testing Program

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The Utah Department of Health, in collaboration with health and school partners, has established a school-level COVID-19 testing program for participation in Utah high school extracurricular activities.

Recent data suggests that increased infection rates in the 15-24 year-old age group may be an early indication of infection rate increases in other age groups. 

Beginning this week in the Iron County School District, students participating in high school extracurricular activities will be tested for COVID-19 at their boundary high school.  Participating students will continue to be tested every other week.  Each high school will obtain the required parent consent forms, organize a testing team, establish testing logistics, and inform students of testing days and times.

The tests being administered by trained school staff are BinaxNOW rapid antigen tests. These tests can be a valuable tool for surveillance and to encourage risk-reduction behaviors (wearing masks and physical distancing), which should ultimately result in decreased cases.

Individuals may participate in high school extracurricular activities only if:

  • they received a COVID-19 test in the prior week;
  • their latest COVID-19 test is negative
  • they do not have symptoms of COVID-19; and
  • they are not under COVID-19 quarantine.

Individuals who have been previously diagnosed with COVID-19 can participate without the need to be tested for 90 days since diagnosis.

After 15 minutes following the testing, results will be recorded and emailed to the tested individual or his/her parents or legal guardians.  The email will include risk-reduction recommendations and instructions for isolation and follow-up testing if necessary. 

The school COVID-19 point of contact will ensure that positive individuals do not participate in school or extracurricular activities and that contact tracing and quarantine protocols are followed.

Please direct questions related to this testing program to Roy Mathews or the athletic director at your student’s boundary high school:

ICSD Secondary Director:  Roy Mathews ( 435-586-2804
CVHS:  Kyle Robinson ( 435-586-2813
CHS:  Danny Lewis ( 435-586-2820
PSH:  Bret Jacobsen ( 435-477-3366

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