Reds United Week

By December 4, 2020No Comments

“Reds United Week” (December 14-18) at Cedar High School is being sponsored by student government, who, as student leaders who care about their peers, are wanting to boost morale for everyone at the school.  They sent out 5,000 colorful cards to the student body and asked them to write notes to other students they admire but who are not in their immediate friend group.  They are hoping that these kind, handwritten notes will reach as many CHS students, teams, clubs, and organizations as possible.  According to Zac Trotter, student government advisor, this effort is turning out to be wildly popular!  Members of student government are collecting and organizing the notes and attaching them to Reds swag (lanyards, bracelets, decals, etc.) in an effort to build school spirit, comradery, self-esteem, and happiness among their peers.  Go Reds!!

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