School District Water Testing

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The Iron County School District has been awarded grant money under Utah’s Lead-Free Learning Project. Over the next few months, school district personnel will sample water from all consumable water sources throughout our schools.

Lead is not believed to be in the water source. However, plumbing fixtures, valves, etc. may contain lead which can increase lead content in tap water.

The Iron County School District takes these results seriously and will move forward immediately to safeguard the health of the students, faculty, staff and visitors in the event of results above recommended action levels.

In the event of results above the recommended action levels, Iron County School District will move forward with the following:
1.      Removing and replacing all faucets, drinking fountains, valves and supply lines with lead levels over the required Action Level as well as replacing all fixtures of similar age, make, and model.  Follow up testing will be completed once affected fixtures have been replaced.
2.      While exceeding the required Action Level does not require an alternative drinking water source, ICSD will make bottled drinking water available to all affected areas until follow up sampling indicate that lead levels are below the Action Level.
3.      Once samples over the required Action Level are found, ICSD will flush all faucets and drinking fountains daily within the school while collected water samples are processed.  This allows for any unknown lead to be flushed from the system each day.
4.      We will keep you informed as to the progress of additional efforts to safeguard against lead exposure from drinking water within Iron County Schools. As each school is tested, updates and results will be posed to the school district website.

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