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Friday Update from Superintendent Dulaney, October 30, 2020

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October 29,2020

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Friday and the soon-to-be-weekend! We are getting closer to the holiday season in which we celebrate gratitude. With gratitude comes a desire to be charitable and kind, and I appreciate all of you who are demonstrating these attributes to one another through word and deed. Your actions serve as examples to us all!

In regards to our current COVID data the following numbers show where we are at with the virus here in the Iron County School District:

Total positive cases since school started – 27 (none related to school or school activities)

Total positive student cases – 22
Total positive employee cases – 5
Number of active cases- 6
Number of recovered cases – 21
Number currently quarantined – 128
Number of students quarantined since the first day of school – 288
Number of employees quarantined since the first day of school – 24

Thanks again to our nursing team for the great work they are doing in helping us all navigate this situation within our schools!

It was announced yesterday that Iron County is the only county now considered within the “moderate” category of risk in Utah. The Governor and the Utah State Health Department stated that “Iron County residents should be rewarded for being one of the few places in the state not to see a substantial rise in infections and positive tests in the last two weeks.” The reward for this designation is the lift of the “community and business requirement to wear masks.” Please note that this is ONLY for the community at-large. Public schools are still under a mandate to wear masks. This has not changed, and all who enter and work within our facilities must wear a mask, unless a doctor’s note has been provided to school administrators. We appreciate your continued support of this effort!

“Thank you” never seems to be enough as I express my gratitude to EVERYONE who is working so hard and so diligently to keep those around you safe. I appreciate the many acts of kindness of which I have personally benefitted as well as the kindness I have seen shown to others. Be well, and have a wonderful weekend and week ahead.


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