Lollipop Moments

Lollipop Moments:

I have been reminded, many times, since returning to ICSD almost four years ago, that we have exemplary educators and staff serving our students and families. These reminders have come in the form of random acts of kindness and purposeful and thoughtful deeds. We have taken some time to celebrate those that have come to our attention with recognition and “lollipop moments”. These continue to be highlights of my year.

I know that many more of these events are taking place in every school every day, and they go unnoticed and uncelebrated. These moments that go uncelebrated, publicly, are the ones I would like to recognize in this message. As I have said many times before, we live in a great community, where neighbors care about neighbors, educators care about kids, and parents love their children. However, we also know that we have families who struggle financially and emotionally. Your willingness to reach out to these families and quiet the fears of children while they are in your care is valiant and so appreciated. Please accept this message as a “lollipop moment” recognition to each of you. Your service is making a difference!


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: Lollipop Moments

Lollipop Moments:

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