2012-2013 School Year - Changes for North Elementary

The following information addresses the changes coming to North Elementary. It has been distributed to teachers, parents, and students throughout the district.  Mr. Whittier has also scheduled a special meeting to discuss the changes on December 15th...

Beginning in fall of 2012, North Elementary will be implementing the following changes: greatly increased emph 

  1. We will become a partnership school with SUU.  
  2. We will become a STEM  school with aneerh
  3. The practicum students will be able to cover classrooms for short periods of time to enable our classroom teachers to receive more professional development
  4. Many SUU pre-service teachers (college students who are studying to become certified teachers) will be placed in our classrooms to learn their craft, but to also give extra help to the teachers and students
  5. School subjects (such as language arts, math, and theater) will be centered around and deeply integrated with our science curriculum
  6. We will have greatly enhanced access to the expertise of college professors in science areas such as biology, astronomy, physics, botany, geology, chemistry as well as reading, math, PE, etc.
  7. We will have the "manpower" necessary in the classrooms to give greatly increased focus on individual student needs and interests
  8. The college will be able to bring in experts to help our teachers continually improve their abilities and talents
  9. We will have the increased opportunity and ability to apply for STEM grant money with help from SUU
  10. We will be implementing the "Leader in Me" program from the Covey Institute--a highly effective life-skill program that essentially takes Covey's "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" and adapts them to elementary age students


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