Student Behavioral Contract - Open Enrollment & Student In-District Transfer

Policy Code: 
Adoption Date: 
Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

for Open Enrollment and Student In-District Transfer



Student Name:___________________________________


Parent/Guardian:_________________________________        Phone #:____________________________


Boundary School:____________________________  Receiving School:____________________________


I understand that it is a privilege to attend school outside of my school boundary.  I understand that my parent/guardian will have to provide my transportation to and from school.                                                        


Student Expectations

My child and I agree to the following expectations in my new school:

  • I will have a minimum of 90% attendance and punctuality
  • I will be respectful and compliant with my teacher(s) and other school staff
  • I will follow all school rules
  • I will use appropriate language
  • I will maintain acceptable academic progress as defined by school of attendance

                 (Scondary schools, 2.0 with no more than one F)

School Expectations

  • The school principal agrees to provide and review school rules and expectations with me
  • The school staff agrees to be respectful and to treat me with dignity
  • My teacher(s) will plan and present meaningful lessons daily


Failure to follow the Student Expectations will result in the following consequences:

1) The first failure to follow the above stated expectations will result in a warning to the child.

  • Incident:______________________________________________________
  • Date & Time of Incident:_________________________________________
  • Parent Called Date & Time:_______________________________________
  • Called by whom:________________________________________________

2) On the second occurrence, the student will be removed from the new school’s roll (for high schools: no sooner than the next quarter break) and will need to register back in the boundary school.

__________________________________________________       ________________  

Student Signature                                                                             Date          


__________________________________________________       ________________  

Parent/Guardian Signature                                                                 Date               


__________________________________________________       ________________  

Principal Signature                                                                             Date                      


Non-Discrimination Statement

Iron County School District is committed to a policy of equal employment opportunity and does not discriminate in the terms, conditions, or privileges of employment on account of race, age, color, sex, national origin, physical or mental disability, or religion or otherwise as may be prohibited by federal and state law.

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