Extra-Curricular Activities Contract

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Tuesday, February 24th, 2015


Participation in extra curricular activities is a privilege, not an entitlement.  The extent of student participation shall be determined by the teachers or coach responsible for each activity without pressure or coercion of any kind from outside parties.

As a student participating in extra curricular activities in the Iron County School District I understand that I will be representing my school and myself.  I understand that extra curricular activities greatly enhance my educational experience but do not replace or take precedence over my academic program.  I further understand that participation in extra curricular activities in the Iron County School District is a choice that I have made with the knowledge that I will be held to a high standard of sportsmanship, citizenship, and character.  I agree to follow the requirements for participation listed below and understand the consequences for not following them.

1. Requirement:  Attend all classes on game day unless previously approved by school administration. 

Consequence:  No Dressing for or participation in that day's activity.

2. Requirement:  Achieve a GPA of 2.0 with no more than one "F" grade the quarter preceding participation.  This must be completed within seven calendar days after the end of the quarter.

Consequence: Not eligible to participate in competitions during that quarter.

3. Requirement:  Participation fees paid before the first competition.

Consequence: No competition until fees are paid.

4. Requirement:  Physical, insurance, and permission forms to the coach before the first competition.

Consequence: No competition until forms are in.

5. Requirement:  No violations of the law regarding drugs, alcohol, or any illegal activities that, if occurred on a school campus, would result in referral for expulsion under the safe schools policy. *

Consequence: Minimally not eligible for participation for the remainder of the season. *See UHSAA by-laws article 10 for minimal consequences for drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

6. Requirement:  No Conviction of a DUI or felony.

Consequence: Not eligible for extra curricular activities for a full athletic year.

7. Requirement:  No participation in hazing.

Consequence: Full extent of the law and consequences as they may relate to items number 5 and 6.

8. Requirement:  Assume responsibility for all damaged or lost equipment, regardless of fee wavier.

Consequence: Must pay for replacement of damaged or lost equipment.

9. Requirement: No abuse of locker room, training room, weight room or other school facilities.

Consequence: Loss of privilege to use facilities. 

10.  Requirement:  While traveling in school vehicles, conduct will be in accordance with the Iron County School District Bus Policy.  Students are required to ride in school vehicles both to and from all school trips.  The only exception to this rule will be students riding home with their own parent(s)/legal guardian(s).  This form will serve as the parent release for this purpose.

Consequence: Loss of all travel privileges.

11.  Problems or concerns rising during the season should be addressed first with the coach or advisor.  If the issue isn't resolved, an appointment to meet with the administration should be made.

12.  Individual groups, organizations, teams, and schools may have additional requirements for participation found in the individual activity disclosure.  Additionally, students are subject to all additional policies of the Iron County School District.

Character and Citizenship Requirements: A student is not eligible to represent his/her school in any extra curricular program while he/she is under discipline for any act which violates a team, school or district rule or policy.

Note: This contract will remain in effect for the entire school year and will cover all activities in which the student participates.


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