Parental Permission to View PG or PG-13 Video/DVD

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Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Parental Permission to View PG or PG-13 Video/DVD

Teacher _________________________Subject ________________ Grade Level  ________       


The following video/DVD will be used in class on (date) ___________________             

 ________video/DVD shown in its entirety                   _____appropriate clip previewed

                                                                                                     by the teacher named on this form


Title  _______________________________________________________

Rating ___________________



Causes of Rating:




Relationship between video/DVD content and the curriculum:






Alternative activity for those not viewing the video/DVD


______I give permission for (student) ______________________________________________ to view the video.



Parent/Guardian Signature ______________________________________________________ Date _____________


______Rather than viewing the video, I would like my son/daughter to participate in the alternative activity.



Parent/Guardian Signature ______________________________________________________ Date ______________



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