Academic Eligibility Requirements for Students Participating in Extra-Curricular Activities

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Adoption Date: 
Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014


An individual must be a full time student in order to be eligible to represent his/her school in activities including serving as student body officer or representative, a class officer or representative, competitive athletics, public performance of band, orchestra, singing, dance, drama, speech or forensics, exhibiting in the science fair or the vocational day.  (A full time student is defined as a student who participates in regularly approved classes during each class period of the regular school day or is exempted from compulsory public education as outlined in R277-700 and R277-438-4.)

According to the policies of the Utah High School Activities Association, no student shall be eligible to represent his or her school in the above activities if he/she has failed more than one subject during the previous grading period.  Additionally, a 2.0 GPA or "C" average must be maintained for each grading period.  Eligibility will be established upon receipt of grades each term.  Anyone falling below a 2.0 will be determined ineligible and will not be permitted to participate during the succeeding grading period. Freshmen’s 1st quarter eligibility will be established during the 4th quarter of their 8th grade year.

On the day of an activity in which a student participates, he or she must attend all classes until being officially released by the school for that activity.  Any exceptions to this policy must be authorized by the principal or athletic director after a conference with the student and his/her parents or guardian prior to the anticipated absence.

Students designated as "Special Education" will be expected to meet eligibility requirements unless it is specifically stated in their IEP that they are exempt from the policy. 

Individual groups and organizations within the various schools may have higher academic standards than the above outlined minimum and those set by the Utah High School Activities Association.  If so, these higher standards must be written in the activities disclosure or constitution, approved by the administration, and published to the members of the group/organization.

See Utah High School Activities Association Handbook pages 21 – 33.


Non-Discrimination Statement

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