School News, October 24-28, 2016

Enoch Elementary

Enoch Elementary PTA will be sponsoring a family Halloween carnival on Saturday, October 29 from 4-7:00 p.m. Come and enjoy an event full of good food, spooky activities, and lots of fun.  We appreciate all of the hard work our PTA puts forth to sponsor exciting activities for local families. Reflection entries have been pouring in this year. Thank you for encouraging your children to participate in this great program of personal talents and skills. Our fourth grades traveled to the campus of SUU to participate in the STEM Festival. It was a fantastic opportunity and our school appreciates the partnership with SUU to make it possible to attend this event. Author CW Trisef visited our school to share the joy of creating and writing. We appreciate librarian Mrs. Ann Walker arranging this event. It was time well spent and it helped ignite the desire to be writers.


Fiddlers Elementary

Fiddlers Elementary recently selected its Model Mustangs.  These students exemplify all that is good at Fiddlers Elementary.  The recipients are kindergarten: Sam Black, Charlie Bogle, Axel Zimmer, Charlotte Gambles, Bridger Lowery, Katelyn Chesley, Caleb Cole, Lexi Rushton; first grade: Grady Frandsen, Brooke Pollock, Kloe Baldwin, Asher Miles, Emma Napier, Mallory Sorenson, Jaxon McGrath, Leger Hill; second grade: Addie Call, Jose Rodriguez, Dillon smith, breann Hamilton, Denver Whicker, Mollie ross, Phoebe Andersen, Luis alvarez, Joey Burt, Kaylynn Oborn, Melissa Munro, third grade Ty Rowley, Melissa Munro, Lavri Mock, Issac Kirby, Whitney Hamilton, Emily Templin; fourth grade Angelina Silva, Kayden Cross, Sckyler, Goodwin, Chandler McClellan, Jordan Braget, Emery Miles; fifth grade: Skyler Fielding, Madison Jones, Tyler Houston, Halle Vickers, Jazmin Jones, Katie Webster, Emily Stagg, and Jocelyn Arnold.



Three Peaks Elementary

Third grade classes at Three Peaks Elementary were excited to have the Thanksgiving Point education department visit last week to present the citizen-scientist program, Tulips Journey North. Students planted and will observe tulip gardens to track the arrival of spring at our school. They will take part in a global science experiment by observing growth in their own garden and comparing their results with students across North America and Europe. They will put the scientific method into practice - observing, inquiring, recording, and sharing their results. A giant thank you to Thanksgiving Point for providing the tulip bulbs and Home Depot for helping with the potting soil and planters. The tulips will be a beautiful addition to our school in the spring.


Canyon View Middle

7th graders visited Fremont Indian State Park and Cove Fort Friday, October 14. The kids were excited to have a day to learn more about Utah History outside the classroom for a day. The students have been learning about Utah Native Americans in their Utah History classes, and the core teachers felt that this was the perfect time to take them to the museum to see artifacts from these Native Americans. At the Fremont Indian State Park, students explored the museum, watched a quick documentary on the history of the Fremont Indians, took a small hike to see pictographs, explored a pit house and granary, and practiced using an atlatl to throw spears. At Cove Fort, the students watched a short documentary about the history of Cove Fort. They explored the fort and surrounding buildings. The field trip was a success, and the kids both learned and enjoyed the experience.





Cedar Middle

CMS Honor Society will begin accepting applications October 19 through October 28. Requirements: 3.7 GPA (from first quarter) and no N’s or U’s. The following students placed in the CMS Yearbook Cover Art Contest: Angel Hillier-1st place--her art will be featured on the front cover of the yearbook. She received a $100 gift certificate to Color Country Art Supply Store. Tori Chandler-2nd place--her art will be featured on the back cover of the yearbook. She received a $75 gift certificate to CC Art Supply Store. Kyla Colburn-3rd. Her art will be featured on the first page inside the yearbook. She received a $50 gift certificate. Spencer Corry-4th. His art will be featured on the last page inside the yearbook. He received a $25 gift certificate. The following were honorable mentions and will share a somewhere inside the yearbook: Erika Marchant, MaKell Corry, Jauzlyn Templin, and Ava Parsons.


Canyon View High School

On Tuesday, October 18, Canyon View High School was pleased to welcome a guest speaker, Larry Scott, to our school. Three assemblies and trainings were held in conjunction with Rachel's Challenge. Mr. Scott is the uncle of Rachel Joy Scott, a 17 year-old girl that was tragically killed in the Columbine shooting. However, Rachel had a theory that we'd like to implement in our school: one act of kindness can start a chain reaction, and you never know how far a little kindness can go. We're implementing this theory by starting a Friends of Rachel (FOR) Club. The FOR club will focus on creating a more positive atmosphere at our school through a number of projects. These include making paper chains based on acts of kindness, writing thank-you notes to staff, and taking the initiative to be kind. We hope that the FOR club will help to unify our student body and make CVHS an even better place to be.

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