School News, November 21-25, 2016

Enoch Elementary

As we take a short break from school to celebrate Thanksgiving with our families both near and far, we have had classroom art activities and events geared at studying the first Thanksgiving here at Enoch Elementary. Mrs. Melinda Huntsman and Mrs. Sue Braden hosted a reenactment of the feast with their fourth grade classes, complete with costumed attire and all of the fixings of a fine feast.  Our faculty also had a feast to share among the faculty and staff during the lunch period. It was a wonderful time to enjoy one another’s company in the spirit of gratitude. School will resume on Monday, November 28. With the many holiday activities coming up, we encourage all families to continue with dedication toward nightly home reading and homework completion. These two things help greatly toward classroom success and can go by the wayside, as schedules get busy during the holiday season. 


Iron Springs Elementary

Iron Springs had the amazing opportunity to have a professional storyteller come to our school. It got our student's creative writing juices flowing. We were able to relate her storytelling into our work here at school. Writing, speaking, and listening are FUN!!

North Elementary

Cedar North Elementary would like to thank the parents and students for our excellent turnout at STEAM Education Night on November 16th. We estimate that we had over 230 participants join us as we explored fun and educational activities in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. We'd especially like to express appreciation to Chelsee Robinson and her team for hosting the stations and our incredible PTA for providing the refreshments. What a great night! We'd also like to encourage all families to come to our free WatchDOGS movie night on Thursday, December 1st at 7:00 in our gym. We'll be watching "Finding Dory." Free popcorn! Come enjoy the evening with your family and sign up for WatchDOGS!


Three Peaks Elementary

Students at Three Peaks Elementary had the opportunity to build rockets and launch them on a homemade air rocket launcher. This project gave the students an opportunity to learn about mass, matter, gravity, air pressure, data collection, and aerodynamics. Mr. Durk Fuson, one of our awesome paraprofessionals, constructed the air launcher and taught the students how to build their own rockets. The students then launched their rockets and collected, and later analyzed, data on the distance each rocket flew according to the psi (pounds per square inch). Thank you Durk Fuson for making this educational event possible. The students literally had a BLAST!!


Cedar Middle

The science club would like to thank everyone who helped make the science celebration a success. It was held on November 9, 2016. We have several students who scored excellent and will be participating in the SUU Science Fair. A special thank you goes out to Dr. Chris Monson, from SUU, for providing the students with some amazing science demonstrations. Mrs. Antinette Haggerty and Mrs. Robyn Brown.


Canyon View Middle

Every year the Cedar City Lions Club sponsors CVMS to participate in the peace poster contest.  It is an international contest and its purpose is to get young people to think about peace in their own lives and peace around the world.  Children all around the world participate and the grand prizewinner receives $5,000.00 and a trip to New York to the United Nations. We had over 80 posters entered and 12 awards given. 1st place to Claire Swope, she received $100.00. 2nd place to Shelby Fawson, she received $50.00, 3rd place to Hannah Tillman, she received $25.00, 4th place to Garrett Indorato, he received $15.00, 5th place to Jenna Lacy, she received $10.00. Honorable mentions went to: Sabrina Bateman, Lily Larsen, Jenna Mendenhall, Rosemary Sanderson, Cameron Shakespeare, Amaranta Serrano and Kassandra Vega. We wish to thank the Cedar City Lions Club for this great opportunity for our students.  


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