School News, January 9-13, 2017

Iron Springs Elementary

Along with the Chamber of Commerce and Staheli West, Iron Springs Elementary has had the opportunity to develop three skills. These three skills are team building, critical thinking, and creativity. Throughout the 2016-2017 school year members from Staheli West have come to Iron Springs with different activities that promote these three skills. After monthly activities done in each class class eight students were chosen from each grade 3rd-5th to participate in a school wide competition. The challenge was to build a weight bearing bridge. 5th grade won the competition. The bridge they built was able to hold the most amount of weight. It has been so fun for our students to use these three different skills. Thank you Staheli West and the Chamber of Commerce! We have loved having you at Iron Springs!!


North Elementary

North Elementary would like to make all our parents aware of our school's instructional priorities: 1- FEEDBACK (ensuring all students know exactly how well they are performing a learning task and what to do to improve). 2- METACOGNITION (helping students reflect on and categorize their learning). 3- STEAM EDUCATION INTEGRATION (with an emphasis on science and the arts). 4-Using the district’s TIER 1 READING STRATEGIES as the class reads a selection together. Our teachers are working diligently to become experts in these research-based instructional strategies. Parents can help by volunteering in our classrooms and by asking their children these probing questions each night: What did you learn today? How did you know you learned it?  What do you still have to do to learn at the level your teacher is requiring of you? What can I do to help you with that?  


South Elementary

South Elementary students have started the year off making New Year's Resolutions. The second graders are learning about westward expansion. In Science, third graders are working on their force and motion unit and fourth graders are learning about water cycles and fish. Students who are interested in this year's Spelling Bee can get rules and words on the South Elementary Blog. Also on the blog, there is information about a parent book study, which is sponsored by the Utah State Board of Education and Utah Parent Center. 


Three Peaks Elementary

Three Peaks Elementary students are working hard on all of their academic and social skills to start the new year. The students have taken the mid-year DIBELS test, the Reading Level Assessment, and mid-year assessments in other areas. These academic scores will help teachers and interventionists assess the strengths and weaknesses of each child so that these needs can be met.  Please set aside time to read with and to your child at home. This extra opportunity to practice newly acquired skills makes a huge difference. As we begin the second half of the year, please know that we believe every child can and will learn. Our teachers and staff are some of the most caring and committed professionals you will find. We have a district that is concerned about each and every one of its students. When we all work together, our students' accomplishments will be endless!


Canyon View Middle

Welcome back Cougars! As we begin the second half of the school year, we would like to recognize those who were very successful last quarter. 552 students made honor roll-that is 60% of our student body! 230 students made honor society, and 127 students had a 4.0 gpa. We are very proud of the great work our students are producing. On Wednesday, we held the 3rd quarter spirit assembly. Select students in their houses participated in various games, while the others cheered them on. It was a great way to kick off 3rd quarter. Keep up the hard work!

Non-Discrimination Statement

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