School News, January 30-February 3, 2017

North Elementary

North Elementary would like to thank our incredible PTA for their support and contributions to our school improvement efforts. For example, on Tuesday, January 31st, they provided dinner for our teachers as they were busily engaged with parent/teacher conferences into the evening. It was a great morale booster--not to mention a great way to recharge their batteries for a busy week. Thank you! We'd also like to especially mention Barbara Lewis and her team and thank them, once again, for planning and staffing our Book Fair! We always know the Book Fair is in good hands when Barbara Lewis takes the reins! 


Parowan Elementary

After a delightful Christmas Holiday, students at Parowan Elementary have buckled down and have started 2017 off with a BANG! Dibels testing, SAGE practice testing have been some of the activities students have participated in. The final SAGE testing will be in April and May. Students are excited to welcome many student teachers into their classroom. We are always excited to have future teachers come to Parowan Elementary in their finial preparation. The Third Grade is working hard to prepare for their annual Western Iron County Program, which will be on March 1. The class and school are honoring Beverly Adams Pendleton who has contributed much to our community. Reading and math is increasing on each grade level. We certainly appreciate this community and its support at Parowan Elementary. We have many volunteers who come to help each day. We could not do it without this wonderful support from the community. Principal Kevin Porter is such an asset to our school. With him at the helm many great things have and will continue to happen. Thank you Parowan Elementary teachers, community, and friends, we are in this together.


South Elementary

We want to congratulate our Regional Reflection winners! Wyatt Barker, McKay Price, Max Ulrich, Grace Leavitt, Audrey Leavitt, Brent Martin, Brooklyn Wittwer, Lyla Longhurst, and Ann Frei. Also, congratulations to Wyatt Barker whose film entry will compete at state along with Lyla Longhurst's dance choreography. Way to go! The school was filled with music last week with both the Cedar Middle School's orchestra and band playing for their yearly recruiting tour! Both groups were awesome. The 5th graders also had the opportunity to go to a Shakespearean Festival Midsummer Nights Dream play.   


(Caption for Picture)

South's Regional Reflection Winners
Top Row: Brooklynn Wittwer, Max Ulrich, Brent Martin,  Audrey Leavitt, McKay Price

Bottom Row: Wyatt Barker, Ann Frei, Lyla Longhurst, Grace Leavitt


Three Peaks Elementary

Fourth grade students at Three Peaks Elementary have been learning about the history of Utah.  On January 4, 1896, Utah was admitted to the Union as the 45th state. To celebrate our state's 121st birthday, the fourth grade students presented a program to students and parents on January 26. It was wonderful to hear songs and speaking parts and witness scenes depicting how and when Utah was discovered and settled. Thank you to the students who memorized parts and parents who helped with costumes. A special thanks to the fourth grade teachers for all of their hard work in getting this program ready: Mrs. LeAnn Roberts, Mrs. Cheyenna Leavitt, Mrs. Stacie Marriott, and Mrs. Brenda Roundy.




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